Thursday, August 28, 2008


I said goodbye to my Armenian family, friends and community on July 25th and flew out of Armenia early on the 26th. It's hard to believe that I've been absent from the bustling Zeynalyan household, the noisy public minibuses and the sweltering summer heat for more than a month now. There's so much I'll miss, and yet a lot to look forward to.

The Peace Corps teaches all volunteers more about themselves than we can offer the communities we serve. I learned about setting realistic expectations, building interpersonal relationships and how to focus on assets and resources rather than deficits and wants. I'll continue life in America with a more reasonable worldview and more patient work ethic.

Since leaving Armenia at the end of July I had the opportunity to travel to Moscow, through Russia, Mongolia, China (with a stop in Beijing for the Olympics) and Hong Kong. Despite the joy of seeing countries I never imagined I'd visit it's great to be home.

Thank you for your attention the past 27 months. It's been quite an experience and I appreciate your support and encouragement.