Friday, August 14, 2009

Wedding planning: Done. Wedding: Done and Done!

For those of you who read this blog but don't speak to me personally, I went and got married. It's true, now the experiential learning will be shared.

It's amazing how great life can be when you're surrounded by those who love you so much they'd sacrifice time, money and travel to be by your side and show their support. We experienced this the week leading up to, and the day of our wedding August 1st. Thank you to all who made it to Columbus for the day.

Dominic and I are getting settled in our new home by unpacking beautiful new gifts, perusing the IKEA catalog, and diligently studying my new Rachael Ray cooking magazines. I'll admit, everything's easier when you have the right kitchen tools. I'm rather proud of my ability to make fresh pesto in our food processor (thank you again Mr. & Mrs. Salvamini) and chop with our fancy knives. I'm more of a 'put together' cook than a 'preparation' cook in that I like throwing ingredients into one place (i.e. salads, crock pots) and seeing what we get more than measuring out ingredients for sauces and mixes. You're still welcome to come and eat with us--just keep an open mind when you sit down at the dinner table.

Truly, our cup overfloweth. Thank you for your kind congratulations, generous gifts and unwavering support. We can't wait to host you in our home- please come visit.