Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sidewalk Art

What are we going for here?

1. Bilingual Education? Valuable outreach in the South Bronx
2. Busy Line Effect? It does save some time to eliminate the extra two letters here
3. Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. Perhaps they're published?

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Orchids on Broadway

The NY Botanical Garden is hosting Orchids on Broadway from now through April 25. I would go there every day if I could. I took my parents last weekend and had so much fun I couldn't help but return with Dominic in tow this afternoon.

Scattered throughout the conservatory, the delicate flowers pop out of trees, shrubs and formal glass cases. Three things I didn't know before the orchid show that I'm happy to say I now am aware of:

1. They're colorful. They come in more colors and color combinations than you can imagine. -- all that is, except black.

2. Orchids are prevalent. The orchid plant is spread second most widely in the world, only beat by grasses. You may think orchids are a tropical, but it turns out they grow on every continent except Antarctica (no one wants to live there).

3. Orchids are adaptable. They grow in every habitat except under water.

We enjoyed a cabaret concert and returned home humming John Coltrane's version of My Favorite Things.

Any orchid owners out there with care tips for this rookie? I once tried to care for an orchid... it didn't go so well.

Friday, April 01, 2011