Sunday, July 25, 2010

Whew. Summertime.

What a summer! We always knew we would be heading into a whirlwind of events when June hit, but if the neglect of this blog is any indication of our hectic schedules then you'll note that the past two months have kept us rather distracted.

Here's the big announcement:
We're moving to New York City! Oh the experiential learning that is to come...

I know it is not much of an announcement at this point, but we were waiting to get all our ducks in a row before we posted a change of coasts to the Internet. It's truly happening now because we paid our last month's rent in July.

Since learning about Fordham's offer, Dominic and I have been looking at neighborhoods and studying metro lines in the Big Apple. This, of course, in between exciting visits from family and friends.

Jeff kicked off the summer guest season with a week-long, action-packed adventure at the beginning of June. We loved having him here for his site-seeing independence and sound-sleeping capability (what can I say, it's a noisy street). I liked the excuse to eat more vegetables and we did the most beautiful hike to Lake Serene with him.

My friend John from school traveled to Seattle for work and gave us an excellent opportunity for some genuine fellowship after Jeff left. Although it was a brief visit, we had a lovely time catching up and making new memories -- and a commitment to stay in better touch!

Six girlfriends kicked Dominic out over the fourth of July weekend. Together, the "FLG" celebrated a reunion, birthday and bachelorette weekend -- the first get-together since college. Amazingly enough all seven girls (sharing one bathroom) fit into our humble apartment for a great weekend walk down memory lane.

Just days after putting the apartment back together we had the great pleasure of welcoming Mark and Lina back for a second visit to Seattle. This was a true blessing because now, with a place to call our "own", we were able spend time in Seattle and venture up to Guemes Island to see a dear family friend and relax on the beach.

This brings us to now. The end of July and the conclusion of our family vacation in Ohio. From Cedar Point to the Little Miami, a friend's wedding to a family reunion, we were so thankful for the opportunity to experience "true summer weather" and the joy of reconnecting with relatives and friends. Thank you, Ohio, for your incredible hospitality.

This weekend Dominic and I will celebrate one year of marriage!
Life just keeps getting better and better. Hallelujah for the joy of community near and far.

Our cups runneth over.