Thursday, May 25, 2006

Next week

So I'm running low on time in the states and trying my very best to visit with each and every one of you before June 2nd. The question of the month is: "So are you ready?"

No, not really. Please understand that although I've wanted to do service work abroad since my sophomore year at Capital I didn't think about the Peace Corps until September and I didn't seriously consider it until February. I received this placement last month and I don't think I've done anything to get ready until last week when I purchased some wool socks from I'm not frightened, simply excited about what lies ahead. I've spoken with a few people from Armenia in the past two weeks who have all agreed that it is a beautiful (but poor) country. I can't anticipate what is to come but I am just trying to trust that this is what I should be doing right now.

In my heart this week I've been considering my skills and gifts and wondering if this work is the correct decision. I don't know if I should be leaving America knowing that there is also a desperate need for service in our southern states. I expect that this is something that will become very clear by June 6 or so.

Please stay in touch.


Judy Bridger said...

We all have second thoughts about decisions in life. Trust that God led you to the right decision and will watch over you.

Hugs XOXO,
"Mommo" Judy

Carrie said...


You are an amazing person and Armenia is lucky to have you :) I wish you all the luck in the world!

Aunt Theresa said...

Hi Sarah!

Glad you made it to Philly. Uncle Paul and I were happy to see you here on the East Coast.

We are both very proud of your decision and will be anxiously awaiting all your blogs!

Aunt R.

Anonymous said...

I think your ready....more ready than most.


P.S. I would like to quote the great band, "Coldplay," in saying, "I miss you, I miss you, yeeeaaaahhh...Ohhhhhhhh!"