Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Dear Friends and family,

I'm safely here in Armenia and the weather is beautiful. The mountains are lovely but the poverty is saddening. I really liked Vienna.

I welcome cards, letters and small packages! I have 10 weeks of training in Vanadzor but after that I will move to my permanent site. I will give you that address sometime in August.

I love you!


Anonymous said...

We're glad to hear that you have finally made it to your destination. This is going to be a wonderful experience for you and I'm sure the people of Armenia will be grateful for the love and dedication that you will be sharing with them as you have with all of us. We're all very proud of your ability to give unconditionally to others. Love you, Mom

tigran said...

Barev Sarah, inchpes es? Ko Hayots lezun lavanum e? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!

Have you slept yet? Be sure to get a few z's now and then. Your Jersey relatives are praying for you and your work.


Jill said...


I miss you! Hope all is well. I'll be sending a letter soon.

Anonymous said...

When are you going to update this blog site?:)

Sarah said...

Thank you for your comments all! I promise to update whenever I can. It is kind of a trade off as things are much much slower here and I also really love to read your emails!
I'm sleeping a lot more here than I did in America. I get very tired in the afternoons but I usually go to bed around 9-10 p.m. I'm up at 6:30 as normal and then a few of my friends and I go for walks around the village. It's hard to overstep the cow poo and watch out for the rocks and manholes but my calves are going to get nice and large from all the hills...great ;)
Please continue to stay in touch, it is such a great motivator for me!