Friday, October 20, 2006

Watch out Betty

Our village table at the festival. (left to right) My counterpart is in red, my school director, her daughter, our YCAP President, the Project Harmony director and a villager. On the table the woman in white is made of cheese and the swan on the right is a melon. Aren't the watermelons pretty?

I confidently presented the Armenian's with apple cobbler and M&M cookies. They're located in the very front.

I shook the president's hand and told him I was thankful for the opportunity to serve in his country. I said that I work in the school with my counterpart and he looked at her (which made me a very popular volunteer). He asked how long I've been in Armenia and I told him 2 years...and then in my excitement I corrected myself and told him 4 months. He asked what kind of volunteer I am and I told him a healthcare. That was the extent of the conversation, but exciting nonetheless.

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Mom said...

Look out Martha. That table is beautiful. I can't wait until it's your turn to have Thanksgiving Dinner so you can set out a spread like that for us. I especially like the cheese lady. What kind of cheese WAS she?