Monday, April 30, 2007

Free days

The boys and I have been spending a lot of time outdoors now that the weather is nice. We went mushroom hunting on Saturday (a lifelong dream of mine) and hiking in the mountains for four hours yesterday. Here are the pictures.

Look at mine...barely visible...then look at the boy's. It took me two hours to find that puny mushroom and it took Samvel about 10 minutes to find that monster. I must need some hunting practice.
Let the sunburns begin...
That's our village in the background in the center. To the top left are the lakes where people are raising fish. The lakes are what attract our beautiful village storks...and the summer mosquitoes.
This greenery was what we walked towards for about two hours. It was disappointing when we arrived though because it was like a small marsh in between two mountains...not perfect for picnicking.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could have done that hike. Looks like fun and what great scenery. Don't know about those mushrooms,though.....did you sing "The Hills are Alive"?:)

Anonymous said...

THe hills are alive!!! Did you sing the songs from Sound of Music??

Keep smilin' Sarah!
Aunt R.

Amy said...

I spent some time in Armenia with Project Harmony in the summer of 2004 and have really enjoyed reading your blog. After skimming many of the previous posts, I can't figure out exactly which village you are in but it truly sounds like one I worked with! I worked with Surenavan Secondary School and Hermine Hayroyan. Is this where you are? I'm also from Ohio (as I'm assuming you as well from some of your posts). I'd love to know more! My email is:

Mike said...

No recent posts, Sarah... For shame. =) I've linked to your blog from mine... ~Dr. K

Sarah said...

Dr. Kapper! Hello!
Thank you so much for reading. Hopefully you'll enjoy the two new posts up now. Thank you for writing and take care,