Thursday, July 19, 2007

International Outreach Camp in Pictures

Camp Gugark from the stairwell window. The cafeteria is on the left and another children's camp was staying in the dorm across the square. Many a disco took place in the middle.
PCV bonding time before camp around Dominic and his guitar. Who knew that could Alex could sound so much like the Foundations (our favorite is Build me up buttercup)? Throughout camp we turned to each other for a bit of 'Team nothing' time in order to relax.

The big welcome of Armenian participants.

We were introducing participants to our home states in America. I'm introducing Ohio but look four people to my right. Who know the cardinal, carnation and buckeye could be so hilarious? What a public speaker...

The intense judging panel. We're serious about those team challenges.

I taught an optional nutrition class. The students had never seen the food pyramid before which led to an interesting discussion about the differences between whole wheat and white bread, red vs. white meat and why you can never get enough veggies. I'm wearing my shirt backwards on purpose.

On the 16th we had a camp-wide culture fair and the students in 'sharing cultures' classes made this quilt of symbols of Armenia. My favorite is the big pomegranate at the top.

Saying goodbye to tomorrow's leaders.

Onward and upward. Ani (far left) is headed to TN in a few weeks. Take good care of her America!

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