Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Two years down, two months to go

I was sitting at lunch today with my host sister Hermine and she asked how much time we had left (I get this question at least 4 times a day). I told her that today was exactly two months until I'd be leaving Armenia. I must admit, time really does fly.

All of the PCVs in Armenia are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the A16s on May 31st. This past weekend we briefly looked at their Yahoo! Chats and blogs. They're no different from how we were two years ago-- nervous, anxious and excited. I'm looking forward to meeting them.

In the next two months there's a pull to get all of my work completed (an endless battle) in the village while trying to balance the demands of 'house visits' to say goodbye and hunting for a job in America. Despite all of the work that needs to get done and people who need to be met, I'm most looking forward to the apricot harvest in June. Ararat Marz apricots are the best.


Anonymous said...


Still remember your arrival in Philly as though it was yesterday!

Enjoy the apricots!

A.R. and U.P.

Katie said...

Hi Sarah, I was just enjoying your blog for the first time - linked from Dominic's blog. Enjoy your last two months there. I'm sure it will go fast. I too, am a HUGE apricot fan. So, enjoy those too!
~Katie Monley
(Dominic's sis-in-law)

Anonymous said...


As you begin week 104....not that we're counting here....it's fun to look back on all of your experiences. The highs and lows and the water and no water. You've done a great job there and we're looking forward to seeing your smiling face here in Ohio soon.

Hannah M. said...

Hi Sarah! John Cline and Sarah Rhode and I were just catching up on your blog. We love you and miss you. Can't wait to see you soon!

Hannah, Sarah, John