Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Teacher Excursion

As a goodbye and one last opportunity to toast to the health of Americans everywhere, the teachers from my school decided to plan a two day trip to Lori Marz. We toured Tumanyan's (a famous Armenian poet) home and museum, two famous curches and spent hours upon hours singing and dancing in our small bus.
One may aruge that there was a lack of organization when, at midnight, no one knew where we were going to stay that night. I was sleeping peacefully in the bus when my director informed me that we had found a grandmother who lived alone who could 'comfortably' host us (or 15 of us) for the night in her home for 1,000 dram (less than $3) a person. We moved in and soon thereafter I realized the bus may have provided a quieter sleeping arrangement. The women started jumping around and giggling like 14-year-olds! I guess girls will be girls. We had a fun time in that house. It's almost like Couch Surfing only with less planning.


The table all set for dinner

A short snack stop on the road: Hot dogs, cucumbers, tomatoes and sour cream


Our sleepover

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that was one big 2 day party:) See you soon.