Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nice Glass!

A Chihuly glass admirer since college, I was treated to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma for Valentine's Day.

Expecting a typical showcase of glass art, I was shocked to enter a beautiful amphitheater-the world’s largest hot shop amphitheater actually- and second row seats to watch a world-class artisan blow glass art.

We sat for hours watching the heating, shaping and smoothing process unfold as the piece grew from a small stone-sized project into a 3 ft bubble. All I could think was-- don’t drop that glass!

After the demonstration concluded, we walked through the gallery with a renewed appreciation for the time and attention that goes into glass art. We saw Dante Marioni’s Form, Color, Pattern exhibition full of colorful, opaque vases with crazy handles and intricate designs. I chatted with an artist as she worked on an intricate bead with a small torch. She even gave me a handmade bead for free.

The fun didn't end at the Museum of Glass. Tacoma goes one step above normal museum tours by offering a self-guided walking tour of Dale Chihuly's art in the entire museum district. The best part is that you can call in the guide on your cell phone! Even from your home right now you can learn about Chihuly's spectacular artwork by calling 888.411.4220. You'll learn about his pieces displayed in an outdoor bridge of glass, the Tacoma Art museum, and inside Union Station. There are interviews and commentary. I advocate for cell phone tours in all museums.

Visit Tacoma for a day of beautiful art-it's worth your time.

Chihuly glass. Gorgeous.

The man on the short seat in red is blowing, the man with gloves on in gray is buffing.

Chihuly Bridge of Glass


Anonymous said...

Awesome many pieces did your date buy you?
I still enjoy the glass at the Franklin Park Conservatory.

Sarah said...

Unfortunately this art doesn't fit in our budget or I would have asked for the whole bridge!