Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Farming in the City

I'll admit it. I love farmer's markets. Some have said it's because I'm white, perhaps it's my general interest in fresh food, or preference for produce grown close to home. Whatever the reason, if there is a farmer's market in the neighborhood I'll be there.

Thank you, NY Botanical Garden, for bringing a farmer's market to my neighborhood every week. As a part of a larger Edible NYC initiative, I see this market as a gift to the community. Learning more about the Edible Communities publications makes me want to become a nutritionalist. Just look at the beautiful photos in these magazines. The best part? It's food close to home!

To be honest, the food was not the best part about the market this morning. Today was particularly special because I got to share the market experience with old friends and new. I picked up my honored guests at the Harlem Line train stop and we walked right across the street to peruse the market and pick up some fresh produce (and more) before heading to my apartment for breakfast.

We enjoyed a delicious meal of market goods including cherry tomato, mozzarella, sauteed onion and fresh basil eggs, sliced apples, whole wheat toast and even homemade chocolate croissants. I'd like to say I made the eggs myself, but a more gifted chef stepped in to help while I got the kitchen ready (see previous post on lack of countertop space).

So, "what's in season in my region"? According to the Edible Communities page, apples, Asian vegetables, asparagus, carrots, lettuce, mustard greens and turnips. Any good asparagus or turnip recipes out there?

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Anonymous said...

Yum, that looks and sounds good....especially the chocolate croissants :) I love Farmer's markets too. People are generally happy at them and there's such a variety of fruits and veggies in various colors. I prefer growing my own produce but d/t limited space and time the farmers market is next best :)