Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project Cicero

Project Cicero gives books to under-resourced NYC public schools, homeless shelters, juvenile detention facilities, community centers, and reading programs like the one where I volunteer each week.

Books come from an annual citywide book drive. It's a nice exchange from independent, public and parochial schools, organizations and corporations to the places mentioned above. In 2010, Project Cicero distributed 200,000 books.

Distribution. Enter Volunteer Sarah.

Today me and four of my closest volunteer buddies from the South Bronx brought empty suitcases to the Pennsylvania Hotel near Herald Square to collect as many books as we could carry. Unfortunately, we were on the wait list and the last session to collect, so we had slim pickins. Dr. Seuss was on my list, (along with 'how things work' books and Scholastic picture books with large letters for kindergartners) but Seuss must be popular because I missed the last of the books.

Regardless of the selection, you get 45 minutes to run back and forth from the book conference room to your luggage in the hallway. I must have carried four or five armloads. It was like being a kid in a free candy shop.

Thanks to Project Cicero our program library got five full suitcase loads of books for this year!

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Anonymous said...

We some books I could contribute. Do you want me to bring to NYC or is it too late? See you Friday:)