Sunday, June 05, 2011

Goofing off with Guests

It's safe to say this blog has been neglected the past few months. Before you go pointing fingers, just remember that our preference will always be to live life offline and report on what we learn from the experiences here when we have a chance. Sometimes though, we're not learning we're just playing.

We've had quite the run of guests lately. NYC draws a crowd. Here they are in photos:

RPCVS: Easy to host. Will sleep on the floor without complaint.

Seattlites: Brought the weather with them. Fun foodies and inspired fashionista.


1. OH cousins from the 'nati: Arrived with a list, left with worn out tennis shoes.

2. The graduates: One last hurrah before Buckeye commencement.

3. CA cousin from law school: Likes Manhattan. (Drinking one with his pal Dom that is).

Obviously we don't worry about taking photos while out tour guiding. From the Brooklyn Bridge and Wall Street to midtown and Times Square we have scaled the entire island by foot and these were the top photos we could retrieve from my phone.

Come see us this summer - there's still time and we're getting more metro savvy with every guest!

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