Friday, July 29, 2011

Newburyport, MA

Tell me if you would like to live here or not: You're in a small town next to a big city, you're surrounded by the mountains and sit right on the coast, your weather is warm and sunny year round, you have culture, sidewalks, bike lanes and farmer's markets. Tourists can whale watch, shop and dine out on fresh seafood. Your history dates back to the formation of the country.

Just call me urban planner extraordinaire.

I have never been to this imaginary hotspot, but we came close this week when we visited Newyburyport, MA. What a nice place!

Just 35-miles north of Boston, Dominic and I decided to rent a car and drive up to this costal village together. Although I needed to visit Newburyport for work, Dominic could come along and study while I made my site visit and then we knew we would be perfectly positioned to enjoy a weekend get-a-way for our two year anniversary. We stayed in a studio apartment at the Market Street Inn:

It sure was fun to be on the water in a charming New England town. From coffee shops like Seattle, to a prayerful labyrinth walk, it had the makings of an ideal vacation location. Too bad we were there to write papers, deliver meetings and launch campaigns. This would definitely be a fun place to return.


Anonymous said...

That's my ideal little town to live in:) Oh, if only Worthington had mountain and the ocean.......

Anonymous said...

Let's go!