Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yoga: Suspended in the Air

All it takes is one Groupon and all of a sudden I have found myself suspended in midair at AntiGravity Aerial Yoga classes this summer. That's right, AntiGravity. You may recall the last time I attempted to fly through the air with the greatest of ease... fortunately this practice is closer to the ground and involves less swinging.

I recommend this practice if you: a) love trying new things, b) want to improve your flexibility, and c) Aren't afraid of hanging upside down like a bat. Really, that's all you need!

According to the website, "AntiGravity is an acrobatic performance company whose daily workout utilizes the AntiGravity Hammock" (when you're in it it looks like a cocoon). "The technique was originally created for athletes and gymnasts and has since been modified and perfected for the everyday athlete" (thank goodness - Cirque du Soleil is intimidating!). It incorporates dance, Pilates and calisthenics and with a promise of 'realigning you from the compression of gravity' it sounded like a great antidote to my desk posture.

I took my classes with Ariel. She was soothing and inspiring. Afterward - smiling - I approached her to learn more about her path to this new exercise. She told me that one day, two years ago she woke up feeling terrible. Her weight had gotten out of control and it was hot (sounds like it must have been summer in the city). She started going to Om Factory and one day when she got locked out of the regular class she was directed to AntiGravity - she's never looked back. She talks about how great she's feeling and (in my opinion) she looks fantastic.

Starting class in a nice little pouch

Simple stretches

Creative inversions - it's not has hard as it looks.

More difficult stretches - this felt very good!

Then right back to end in the cocoon. I could sleep here all night!

Who knows, if these classes keep up I might be installing a t-bar hammock in my living room...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Maybe I'll get the hammock that you brought back from Central America and hang it from one of the trees out back. The neighbors think I'm crazy anyway. :)

Katie said...

I want to go to there.

Mark Bornstein said...

Looks like fun! You'll have to get certified and we'll have a Monley suspended yoga for thanksgiving. Right after the one arm push ups:)

Anonymous said...

Yes, my colorful hammock! It's just what you need between the back porch and the new tree Mom!

Yes, come play at Om Factory with me Katie! They have an entire weekend workshop devoted to how we can claim our birthright as sensual, ecstatic, succulent women. Hehehe.

Yes! Certification - you're brilliant Lina. I'll just need a donation for tuition...