Sunday, September 18, 2011


One wouldn’t accuse Sarah and I of being overly ‘invested’ in campus life, since I began at Fordham. We take advantage of the gym and the beautiful grounds to run through in the morning, but - save for the occasional visiting dignitary, interesting lecture, or free meal - we tend to be disconnected from activities on campus. So as we approach the end of our time here, we figured that homecoming would be a good chance to check out some sports.

Coming from Columbus, I was assuming that Sarah would be underwhelmed by the football culture surrounding Fordham. She probably (and correctly) was. Regarding scale, of course, Fordham can’t compare to Columbus*, but the Fordham alumni association did a nice job of rolling out the red carpet for all the returning alumni… and some graduate student hangers-on. The free food and booze was flowing and the atmosphere was upbeat and fun in the tent before the game. I was surprised at the number of blazers and ties that were on display though. (These east-coasters will get dressed up for anything…even a football game.)

The game did not disappoint either. We brought in Columbia (figuring we could definitely beat this ivy-league push-over), but they put up a fight. The game was decided by a 99-yard interception return for a Fordham touchdown on a Columbia attempt to score on a fourth and one at the goal line. In the end Fordham smashed the mighty __________of Columbia (who knows what that school’s mascot is anyhow?)

We had two new students from South Africa who had never been to an American Football game before, so I spent the majority of the time explaining all the rules and nuances of the game. Growing up in America, I had never really thought about it, but football is really quite complicated. I dare the reader to think for a second where exactly they would begin if they were asked, “how does this game work?” It’s quite a task, but as they began to understand the basic structure and rules of the game it was really fun to start explain the nuances and strategy of things. Football is a neat sport. We’ll see if we’re back for Homecoming next year as Alumni.

*Note that both Fordham’s coaching staff and players adhere to the Jesuit tradition of not selling awards or signatures for tattoos. So that’s kind of a difference too, I suppose.

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Anonymous said...

So where is Sarah's hat and why no tie Dom? I'm thinking a maroon tie for Christmas this year ?????!!!! No comment on the tatoos other than the fact that some of us Buckeye alum don't care if we ever seen another player with one. Go Rams!