Sunday, May 13, 2012

He did what?

Our picnic dinner in the Botanical Garden
Demonstrating appreciation. I suppose everyone does it in their own way. I tend to make cards, some might buy flowers. These days, Dominic plans parties.

For some reason, my darling husband decided that after two very successful years in the Bronx, and with graduation right around the corner, it was time to celebrate his accomplishments... by throwing a party for me.


If you think this sounds backwards, just imagine how I felt when I arrived at a surprise party called: "The Sarah deserves a party party." To Dominic's credit, I certainly was surprised. To our friends: thank you for spending your Saturday night at such an event.

Dominic had worked out some pretty creative photo shop photos as decorations and our dear friend Jon created a Sarah-specific MadLibs*. We played pictionary, ate fresh fruit and sipped margaritas. It really was a Sarah party!

Marrying Dominic was the best decision I ever made. Talk about experiential learning -- marriage has been one learning experience after another. Learning how to show appreciation though... we practice that one daily.

*There's a back story to this, but that will have to be shared at another time.

Everyone should have an industrial-sized whiteboard somewhere in their home.

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