Friday, July 20, 2012

Aunt and Uncle on the Road

We made  trip to California to celebrate Peg's birthday and see all the little ones. It sure was a fun long weekend! It's amazing to watch our nephew and nieces play and to have time to catch up with cousins and siblings in person.

Buckets, squirties and scoops provide hours of entertainment at the water table. Watch out, Serin might lift that little leg and crawl in herself!

Josh gave Mark and Dominic a personalized home-brew tutorial Saturday. The equipment took up the back patio, but I was assured this hobby didn't necessarily require that much space to be successful. Here they are on their meat, bread and beer lunch break:

After mass on Sunday Katie, Lina and I treated Peg to her first-ever birthday pedicure. While we agree this should be a regular tradition, Peg wasn't quite sure what to expect (as you can see from the expression below). I think it turned out to be a refreshing treat. I'm not sure if she'll become a regular at the salon, but those toes did look festive by the kiddie pool during happy hour that evening!

Doing what the family does best: chatting!

We are constantly reminded what a blessing our growing family is. These visits show us how fulfilling and comforting it can be to have the unconditional love of immediate and extended family nearby. We rely on these memories and look forward to making many more in the years to come. 

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