Saturday, November 17, 2012

What Moves You

I've been thinking a lot about the places we have lived and how those places have shaped us. For the most part, hindsight makes this pretty easy:

Armenia shaped my career and taught me the value of keeping family close.
Seattle made me a fiancee, then a newlywed and taught us both how to be a little more outdoorsy.
New York educated our views on community and income.

We know exactly why we moved to Columbus in September. The reasons borrow a little from each of our previous experiences and ultimately having family close trumps all other decision-making factors.  

We are, however, still trying to find our way. We have everything we could possibly need: a church, a home, two good jobs and a car (it is the midwest after all). Now we just need to understand how we live here as Sarah and Dominic - not just as adolescent Sarah.

It's going to be a process, let the experiential learning commence.     

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Katie said...

Good food for thought, Sarah. Well, I hope you guys carve a little space out there for yourselves, but not so deep that you can't move on over here after a while! :-)