Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tom & Peg, an Introduction

Today is Tom & Peg's 40th Wedding Anniversary!

In honor of this couple I've come to love, respect and admire I thought I'd share my memory of our first encounter:

It was November 2008 and Dominic had invited me to Los Angeles for his big sister Lina's wedding. I was excited about this trip but knew I had my work cut out for me so I began studying the Monley family tree on the flight from Seattle. We had flown down after work and didn't arrive to LAX until at least 10 p.m. Anyone who knows me knows that that's very late. 

Peg graciously picked us up at the airport and, as anyone would be at the wedding weekend of their only daughter, was a bundle of energy and excitement. I sat in front and concentrated on our conversation which, according to Dominic, was a good idea given the traffic and lane maneuvering required to get us to the hotel. He still teases her about nearly stopping on the 405 when she missed the exit.

We made it safe and sound to the hotel and went straight to Tom & Peg's room for a meet & greet. I still remember walking in to find Tom in the back of the room next to a flying pig. Honestly, it was circling from the ceiling just like in a children's toy store. You've all seen them:

 I was quite shocked (and remember, very tired), so in the most polite tone possible, I asked my future father-in-law something to the extent of: "Is this something the hotel installs in every room?" Everyone laughed and I found out I had passed the test! If you can't laugh off a flying pig after all, how are you going to make a relationship work for the long haul?

Thank you, Tom & Peg, for your enthusiasm and energy, for your sense of humor, and for welcoming me into this family from day one. I love you dearly. 

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Unknown said...

Sarah, my dear daughter-in-love (I know that term is kind of hokey, but it is true)......You passed the flying pig test with flying colors and are now part of our slightly unusual family....for example, the choices of books we have urged on you!!!! I love you, dear girl. Peg