Sunday, July 30, 2006

Almost Famous

Dennis and I finished the last of our classes yesterday with a great turnout-17 students (pretty good for a class during summer break right?). All in all the community development project went really well. I was excited that Dennis let me teach the girls how to set SMART goals (even though the acronym didn't translate too well). They seemed to appreciate the process and it helped me feel like I was utilizing that Organizational Communications degree... We have a presentation on Wednesday to wrap it up and then off to swearing in on August 14th. Until now I've only been preparing to be a Peace Corps Volunteer, on the 15th I'll really be one (I hope).

It is going to be a tough transition to leave our current site and readjust to a new life. We've grown quite accustomed to feeling like celebrities in this small village! Just last week Stephanie and I were talking about how we can't walk down the street without children running up to hug our legs and Tatiks (village grandmothers) grabbing our cheeks and telling us how beautiful we are. Everywhere we go people know our names and they stop to see what we're doing. When we visit family members or friends people what to take their photos with us and at the end of our class all the girls wanted our autographs. Some volunteers feel suffocated by all of the unsolicited attention but I just know that these people are trying to learn about our culture by meeting real Americans. I hope we're up to the task of representing the United States!


Kevan D Penvose said...

Thanks for your note, Sarah! I've enjoyed sharing your adventure vicariously through your blog. Peace to you.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, You represent us all very well with you unconditional love and determination. We'll be thinking of you as you "wind down" this training period and moving on to your permanent assignment.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

PS YOu are not just a Celebrity you and your brother are a SUPER STARS to me!:)

Anonymous said...

Almost Famous??? You are famous in our books! Keep up the good work and great attitude. You're an inspiration to everyone (including us AMERICANS). Love, Uncle Tom & Aunt Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey,

So we want to know when the book (or movie) comes out. Hope the tranisition is smooth.


Aunt Nancy and Uncle Paul

Anonymous said...

You and the other Volunteers are doing wonderfully at demonstrating that Americans do care about and for others. KWF