Thursday, July 06, 2006

Site announcement

Today was a big day in Armenia. I learned where I will be living and working for the next two years and I think it is a good fit. My site counterpart is the deputy directory at a secondary school and also the life skills teacher. She has participated in the teacher training for life skills education orgnized by the Ministry of Education and Science. There are 500 students and 37 teachers at my school. The school is a Project Harmony site since 2001 which means that it has eight computers and internet access. The school participates in online and offline projects and collabortes with IREX and inschool director training programs (I don't actually know what IREX is but I'll find out). The school has a newspaper called Boghboj and a youth club called Huis.

Most important for network opportunities is the fact that I am just 50min-1 hour ouside of Yerevan. This will provide me with a number of resources. Although I am expected to spend 15 hours per week in the school teaching health classes and other health education activities I will be able to develop opportunities for career development with the youth group that is strong and active. My counterpart does not speak any English so I think that my Armenian will improve through my work.

My host family consists of eight people. A father (farmer), mother (housewife) , son (farmer) and daughter in law (housewife) and then three boys ages 14,11 and 10 and a girl age 12. They had an A12 living with them from 2004 to now and she is an English teacher at the school where I will work. She leaves next week.

I'll have more information soon, I hope everyone had a nice holiday and Maggie had a fantastic 22nd birthday. I'm thinking of you dear! You, Rachel and I will have to develop lesson plans together via e-mail!

I have a language proficiency exam tomorrow--it sure is a busy week! Hajohutsun (goodbye)


Anonymous said...

This does sound like a perfect fit for you and we are glad you will be close to Yerevan. I hope you have more than one bathroom in that house or you will see what it was like being raised in the Hoffer household when I was at home:) Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting your assignment -- that's great that you will have access to Internet, I'm sure that helps you to feel closer and more connected to home. Do you have animals on your farm? :)
~Lara from FM

Ann W said...

Woo Hoo! This must be a big relief and excitement all at the same time! We missed you at RWB, but had about 40 peole at Wiechers' motor home, including Jeff. It was hot until the storms came thru. It rained on us a little and cleared the air so the fireworks were spectacular!
God's peace Sarah, Ann

Rachel said...

Hi Sarah! My mom passed on your blog address ... I'm so glad to hear that you're happy with your site! Also very impressed that you're learning Armenian and it sounds like you're starting all kinds of neat projects with local people. I very much admire your bravery! I also missed Red White and Boom so I can sympathize, it's always tought to be gone on holidays. Good luck and take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!

Assignment sounds good. I like the school deal. I too hope you have more than one potty having shared your Mother's household dilemma! All is well on the East Coast of USA. Happy belated 4th to you!

Love, Aunt Tree & Uncle Paul

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
Sounds like your job coaching experience will come in handy with your new assignment! Hope you are satisfied with it. You are lucky to have the internet so available to you. Makes it easier for all of us to keep in touch:)
Your neighbor, JB