Thursday, May 31, 2007

Khash Bowl Spring 07 and A15 Welcome

Yesterday we played our annual Khash bowl game on the most beautiful green grassy field I've ever seen in Armenia. We played part of the first quarter before hail started raining down on our parade. We played through the pain but the North managed a victory over the south. All was forgotten after a warm shower and hot dinner. It was a truly American day with lunch at a new diner in Yerevan (the best cheeseburger in country, fries and half a bottle of Heinz ketchup) and the game. After time with the volunteers and two hours sleep we gathered at the office to bus over to historic Zvartnotz ruins to welcome the new group of enthusiastic volunteers. We waited with anticipation (I can't tell if it was more for the donuts and fresh juice or the volunteers) and cheered for the 46 A15s as they got their first glimpse of their new coworkers and majestic mount Ararat.

It's tough for us to believe that it was our group that wandered off that tour bus just one year ago. We've come a long way but all agree that it's much better being the greeters. Keep them in your prayers as they begin their training. This group is the future of our organization.


Anonymous said...

Happy 1 year Anniversary. I'm so glad you are a greet vs a new volunteer.....almost half way there!! You are definitely genetically related to your Grandfather (Heinz ketchup on everything!!!)
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Ketchup??? It's almost like home!!! Enjoy your updates and looking forward to the pictures!

Love, UT

Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah Zaenger,

I was visiting your Journal and it is very nice. Keep going with what you are doing. I believe that your future is beyond, you are capable of anything. Your grandfather must be very proud of you from heaven.


Anonymous said...

HI Sarah!

Hard to believe it's been a year since you flew on through Philly. Believe me, times flies! I agree with your Mother about the Ketchup! Send more pictures.

Love, Aunt Rad