Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thank you Aunt Carlene!

Sometimes I get packages from America and I'm not sure how the contents will be received in Armenia. There are some goods that arrive that I hoard like gold (peanut butter packets from Mrs. Wilson-thank you!*).

A couple of weeks ago I received a package with a solar powered camping shower. I wondered how it would be received but as soon as I explained how convenient it would be the family went crazy. We all decided to shower---and even my 60-year-old host mother ran out (with enthusiasm) to wash her hair. It's provided evenings of fun for more than a week now. Let the summer begin.

*I made some investments yesterday...look at the value of a jar of peanut butter in perspective to my other shopping needs:
New tennis shoes-1500AMD ($4.28)
Thai food dinner (including spring roll appetizers)- 2000AMD ($5.71)
1.5 bottle of water-180 AMD ($ .51)
DVD-2000 AMD ($5.71)

ONE JAR OF SKIPPY PEANUTBUTTER: 2880 AMD ($8.23)....AND I BOUGHT TWO! It's so worth it.

This is her actually running

So clean and so happy


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a hot shower no matter where you live. We just take ours for granted.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Keep clean and keep the photos coming!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Love the shower idea.
Aunt R.