Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hello. My name is...

... and this is where I come from... This is where I'm living... This is what I'm working on... These are my favorite foods...

The entire week was spent meeting new people.  Making friends hasn't been nearly as difficult as I had anticipated; in fact I only had one night free this week.  Seattle seems to be conducive to building new relationships because the majority of the people I've bumped into have been from the East coast or Midwest.  In other words, it often feels like we're all new out here and willing to enjoy the city together.  To be honest, in the month Dom and I have spent as 'transplants', we've only met a handful of Washingtonians and Seattleites.  

We met a nice couple from Boston while enjoying the sunset over Golden Gardens. 
Golden Gardens Park 

We met a group of young adults from a church we started attending at a fondue night.  I even met an Armenian man and spoke about the lack of tasty matsoon in the Pacific Northwest at the Foundation for International Understanding's 60th anniversary reception (FIUTS, is quite similar to the Worthington International Friendship Association (WIFA) or the International Visitor's Council (IVC) that I worked with in Columbus). 

Perhaps I find meeting people so natural because there's so much to do and see.  For example, we took advantage of the First Thursday Free museum admission at The Experience Music Project (EMP) Thursday evening and had a blast beating on drums and strumming electric guitars.  The EMP is: "Dedicated to the exploration of creativity and innovation in popular music," and has a whole floor of sound labs where people can learn instruments, record songs and even play in a virtual stadium of screaming fans.  The building (designed by Frank O. Gehry) caught our attention from day one.

It's rather wavy right?

During the day, I've been introducing myself to the PR field through informational interviews.  Professionals in Seattle have been more than willing to provide me with opportunities to rebuild my network and provide me with contacts.  

Sometimes it's fun to be a little fish in a big pond.  There are plenty of others in the same situation, providing me with new introductions each week.  As I build my nest in the northwest I'm sure to find plenty to keep me busy.    

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Anonymous said...

That building looks like it's wax and melted. The character with the funny eyes looks like me at the end of the day when I've been on the computer all day :)