Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our family loves lebkuchen

With mom in her elf costume and dad in his beret, the family danced to Mannheim Steamroller while bonding over an old tradition.  For years, Grandma and Grandpa were in charge of the millions of cookies that come from a single lebkuchen batch- we were in charge of eating.  This year (and last year while I was in Armenia), it was all up to us. 

According to Wikipedia, Lebkuchen (or Pfefferkuchen) is a traditional German product baked for Christmas.  Truly the only tie to my German heritage, these soft gingerbread-like cookies were probably invented by Medieval monks in Franconia, Germany in the 13th century.  They are usually delivered to loved ones in decorative holiday tins and freeze well allowing for year-long enjoyment.  

We start with great enthusiasm, but as the baking process continues our patience for continuous glaze stirring wanes and the cookie size gets bigger and bigger.  My dad starts to 'create' unique cutouts by simply rolling and neglecting the cutter altogether.  

I'll have to ask Grandma for her permission to share the recipe, until then, contact Kathy for a tin of your own.

Happy Holidays everyone!

First, you roll 'em and cut 'em...

 ...Then bake.  Don't stop stirring!  

Time to glaze...

And then Mama Elf packs them up for delivery!

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Anonymous said...

For those who haven't already placed an order...the supplies are limited and the factory closed for the 2008 season. Sorry...they go fast!

Have a Merry Christmas!
The Packin' Elf