Monday, April 20, 2009

After the event: Objectivity, Balance and Trust...

The Christian Science Monitor hosted a panel discussion on the changing face of journalism in it's downtown reading room today.

The Christian Science Monitor exemplifies the changing media landscape. The more than 100-year-old publication has gone from offering a daily print newspaper, to offering a daily online news site, to offering the daily online and a weekly print magazine in a matter of a few years. At I can sign up to recieve news updates on Twitter or become the publication's friend on Facebook. Certainly we all agree that journalism is changing.

It seems like I could go to a panel discussion about this topic each week if I had the time, but this panel was different because of the audience. Maybe it was the time of day or maybe it was the hosting organization, but I was probably the second youngest person in the room- beat by a senior at the University of Washington.

A woman in the audience raised her hand and commented on the fact that she desperately missed the print Seattle Post Intelligencer. She shared that she was willing to follow the news online at the, but had yet to arrange her internet connection so that it wouldn't interfere with her phone.

I know that my Grandpa, at more than 80-years-old, is willing to read this blog as a way to stay in touch with family. If the audience is capable and willing, how long will it be before we move all news information from ink and paper to the internet? Will you trust it Grandpa?

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Kathy said...

Grandpa did read the blog but is not sure about leaving comments yet?!!! Pictures are great.