Monday, April 27, 2009

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Tulips originate from mountainous areas with temperate climates and need a period of cool dormancy. They do best in climates with long cool springs and early summers. Fortunately, Skagit Valley, about an hour and a half north of Seattle, is just a perfect.

Saturday afternoon Dominic and I drove up to La Conner and enjoyed walking through the immense tulip and daffodil fields in bloom.

La Conner

Tulip Fields

Garmir, Kapuit, Tsiranaguin!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Looks like my back yard :) I wish.


Maya said...

Lovely pictures Sarah.
I gotto get out there sometime!


Lara Kretler said...

Sarah, what beautiful pics - I especially love the one of you and Dominic in amonst the tulips. Bravo!