Saturday, February 20, 2010

Seattle's Sunny Saturday and Sarah's Super Bike Route

I'm making this post...well... Jus' Because I can. I know it's inconsiderate of all our freezing blog fans in the Midwest, but really, how could I resist the shorts and sandals post in the middle of February?

There's nothing like a sunny Saturday in February to inspire you to dust off the bikes, pump up the tires and throw a picnic lunch in the backpack. This is exactly what we did today. I've created a bike tour of our neighborhood. It's embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Since I'm not too technologically savvy you'll have to click back and forth between this post and the map to see where the photos correspond. Sorry about that. Enjoy our photo journal of February 20, 2010...

We set off from Queen Anne and headed towards South Lake Union
Rode right past Fred Hutch were Dominic works, 
And enjoyed cruising along the waterfront past all of the house boats.

We admired these friendly neighbors out working in their shared pea patch,
and stopped for a moment at Good Turn Park.
You cross underneath I-5 (it's noisy)
And then head over the lake towards Fremont.
Be sure to wear your helmet and stay in the bike lane!
We didn't spend much time at the Wall of Death,
But continued on along the bike path scattered with joggers
We did stop to take in the scenery at GasWorks park
And couldn't help but get a shot of the blossoming cherry trees.
It's ok to take a break from the Burk-Gilman Trail to play in Ballard
And then on to the Ballard Locks for lunch.
You cross over the locks and cut up to Commodore Park. 
Then weave through Magnolia to get to the bike path again. Take a moment to admire the fishing equipment that pulls in all that delicious salmon we enjoy.
Back on our way to the sculpture park you must stop and remember the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for a moment.
And you end up at my favorite place to relax in the city: The Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Park.

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Anonymous said...

OK, Rub it in. Your day will come when all the rain starts and we're enjoying sunshine!!!! Love, UT

Kathy said...

Whew, Are you tired now? That was a nice tour. Love the blue sunshine and shorts.


Sarah and Dominic said...

We'll see about that dear UT. You just keep waiting and hoping and praying and we'll keep hiking and biking and jogging. Love you!