Saturday, February 06, 2010

Newly Wed New Technology

Dominic and I celebrated our six month anniversary on Monday. As a surprise I gifted him an Analog Pass-Through DTV Converter Box. 

It's not much of a gift. To be honest it felt a lot like throwing money into the trash can, but with the Olympics just days away and March Madness not far after, my options were either the converter box or countless hours in The Spectator (the sports bar down the street). 

The front of the box promotes: "Eligible for the $40 DTV Converter Box Coupon". This is the government's way of apologizing for the expense of this time-travel machine. Unfortunately, the friendly Radio Shack employee informed me that the refund was only available until last November. 

As if the purchase didn't already sting enough, once Dominic got the box hooked up we realized you have to have bunny ears to get a picture. Geesh, it was like a blast from the past! We sacrificed a beloved metal hanger and Dominic went to work at trying to auto program our four channels. 

Within a half an hour we were the proud owners of a semi-working television set. All it took was Dominic holding the aluminum foil-hanger contraption in a very exact position. This was fine because the only show we could see was The Bachelor. 

Live and learn...  

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to 2010:) I use to stand in the basement at home and hold the antenna up and we could improve the reception...I think it was my braces that helped.

Enjoy the Olympics.