Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Child's Play

A very dear friend of ours works for the Seattle Times and always seems to know what's happening around town. This evening she invited Dominic and I to attend Giant Magnet at the Seattle Center.

I had seen the sign promoting this event weeks ago and asked Dominic if we could check it out. "Maybe it's like those large Velcro walls," we thought. "Or maybe it's like that ball you put your hand on in the science museum and your hair stands up straight." Both guesses were quite incorrect.

The Giant Magnet is actually an international variety show of theatre, music, dance, puppetry and circus arts. According to the program, "Like a Giant Magnet this festival attracts people of all ages and backgrounds to its global attractions - authentic international performances that promise to astonish, delight and entertain." What a nice analogy.

Giant Magnet is actually a wonderful non-profit organization that offers year-round education programs to children in Seattle's schools. It's a creative way to address the gap in arts education and deepen cultural understanding for entire communities. Naturally we are all for it.

This evening was opening night so three artist groups gave us a foretaste of the week-long events that will be held tomorrow through Saturday:
  • Jamie Adkins a one-man circus comedy from Quebec Canada: this Cirque du Soleil veteran impressed us with his amazing balancing and juggling skills, funny facial expressions and genuine sense of humor.
  • Gansango, dancers from Senegal: Inspired me to take a dance class. Their amazing footwork and passionate drumming was energizing (especially after a long, long day of work). I'm thinking I'll start learning how to dance by taking zumba at the gym... it's probably not even close to the aerobic exercise this troupe was getting.
  • Black Violin from the U.S.: These talented violinists combined their instrument with contemporary hip-hop beats. Showing us how they could put their 'stank' on Bach. Check them out. Pretty cool.
I'd be lying a little bit if I didn't say I was also won over by the free food and drinks provided by Ten Mercer after the show. There's something about not being in catering anymore that makes me appreciate the reception that much more.

Thanks for a great Tuesday night in town Giant Magnet!