Saturday, May 01, 2010

Kentucky Derby Bets

And now... for one Chipotle Burrito....

Drum roll please... This is for you Aunt Rad:

Sarah's Picks:
  1. Noble's Promise
  2. Ice Box
  3. Patty O'Predo
  4. Jackson Bend
  5. Conveyance
Dominic's Picks:
  1. Line of David
  2. Homeboykhris
  3. Lookin' at Lucky
  4. Devil May Care
  5. American Lion
Here we go!


Anonymous said...

You didn't do to well! I think you need a trip to KY to the racetrack so you can learn how to pick your horses.


Anonymous said...
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Sarah and Dominic said...

Actually I did. I had Super Saver (for obvious reasons). I just didn't pick him first.