Sunday, August 15, 2010

And we're off......

....well, almost. We haven't quite left for New York yet, but we did get everything packed. And the packing (surprisingly) warrants a blog post of its own. Who would'a thunk it.

After pricing out and weighing the options, we decided to go with a 6x7x8' moving pod. We figured we'd have to get rid of a lot of stuff due to size limitations, but we thought we were ready for those sacrifices. As the day approached we started becoming fearful about the size of the pod, even to the point where I was going to call and order a second. We were wrong. Very wrong.

***I was originally in this picture, but because my arms could touch both sides of the pod at once, we figured that Sarah made it look a bit bigger***

Sarah did a wonderful job of packing everything in an orderly way into uniform-sized boxes. And lo and behold.... We fit it all in. Everything (save for the two bikes we sold and the various cans of beans, beets and creamed corn that we all have in the back of our cupboards.) Not only did it all fit in, but there was room to spare!

So much room in fact that we figured we'd go to Ikea and load up on a mattress, room divider and desk just to top things off.

In the end, it all fit.
As of now I'm a huge proponent of pod moving (or ABF freight services in this case.)

I'll be sure to report back when all our stuff arrive in the bronx.


Anonymous said...

I could only wish that all of our stuff would fit in a 6x7x8 space. Great job with the packing. Can't wait to see how the story ends in NYC.

建枫 said...
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