Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New York, New York

Dominic and I made "the big move announcement" a few months ago. At first, people were just congratulatory and excited, but as the date of departure approached I realized that Seattlites hold some serious opinions about the Big Apple.

People are funny. Despite the fact that this move was a certainty we had some reactions along the lines of:
  • "Do you own pepper spray?"
  • "Beware of the metro."
  • Literal humming (through the halls of a professional office) of the Law & Order theme song.
On the other hand, some people were blatantly jealous of the East coast adventure:
  • "The food is spectacular. If it's not good it won't survive in NY."
  • "Everyone is super nice! You'll make lifelong friends in a week."
  • "Oh the shows! The museums! The culture! You'll have so much to experience."
  • "The city is amazing year round. Six feet of snow? Who cares! You'll have Christmas window decorations to admire."
And then there were the more practical comments/questions:
  • "Will you be able to eat healthfully in the city?"
  • "It will be nice to travel about without a car." (I fully agree with this opinion)
  • "NY is close to many impressive cities: Philly, Boston and DC. It will be fun to explore."
I'll admit, I'm typing this from the boarding area at SEA/TAC airport. I haven't given this move much thought outside of how all our stuff will get there. Which of these opinions will be accurate? We'll just wait and see...

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll love NY as you grew to love Seattle. Just remember "home is where your heart is" and it's not the apartment or other things.