Sunday, October 31, 2010

Waiting, and Hoping and Praying

Katie's right. If you haven't yet, please invest in a ticket to Waiting for Superman. Not only is it worth going to catch a glimpse of my admirable brother-in-law, but sometimes it's good to get your priorities rearranged. Kids will do that for ya.

"Kids look at the world and make certain predictions - they think it's a cold, heartless place because they've been given the short end of the stick and they don't know why."

In an effort to avoid the politics of who is to blame for the poor education American children receive, I'll just say I agree that we can not turn a blind eye to what's happening in our schools for the sake of harmony among adults.

With tons of public schools in this city I'm sure I can find one that will welcome a reading tutor. I think I have a new volunteer option for our time in the Bronx...

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