Monday, November 01, 2010

October whereabouts

Here we are. November. Oh goodness!

Since I spent most of the beginning of October out of the state on business travel, I'm going to summarize briefly with three photos. We'll start with the most adorable and work our way back:
Seattle, WA
1. I just couldn't stay away from that happy face (or from my client responsibilities). So just about a month after I left I flew back to Seattle for a four-day visit. Happy Halloween from one of the cutest kids I've ever met. Our little pumpkin was getting ready to go out to a bagel breakfast this day when I arrived. Of course I got salmon lox.

St. Paul, MN
2. What can I say, we had a late dinner at the Mall of America while I visited the home office. No roller coaster for me, but Dominic made out well on this trip because apparently Minnesota doesn't have a sales tax on clothing.

Decherd, TN
3. Thank you, Nissan, for building your car engines in Decherd. I went all out and tried the most authentic southern cookin' I could find: fried green tomatoes, southern white beans, BBQ pulled pork sandwich on hoecakes. What is a hoecake? Fried corn bread of course (aka heart attack waiting to happen). Good thing the motel had a workout room.

Just when I thought I was going to try my hand at makin' it in New York I left. Fortunately the end of the month brought me back to the Bronx. More on that to come...

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