Tuesday, February 01, 2011

AeroGarden 3 weeks | Marriage 1.5 years

February is National Indoor Gardening Month! According to my first edition of AeroGrow magazine, there is an entire website of webinars and videos on indoor gardening. I now have my very own, year-round garden calendar so I know exactly when to plant for vine-ripened tomatoes all winter long and when fresh spring greens would be likely to sprout for summer salads.

If I sound excited about this gift it is because I am. Check out my herb garden's progress after exactly three weeks:

This is lemon basil under the light. Notice how the leaves rise up to get those rays:

The lights are on about 16 hours each day. They know exactly how much these little starters need to meet their full potential. Here's a picture from just a few hours later after the light went off:

Nap time

I'm thankful for Dominic, and not just because of his thoughtful generosity. Today we have enjoyed marriage for a year and a half. From Queen Anne hill to Rose Hill he makes my life exciting and inspires me to reach the highest heights.


Katie said...

Can you grow for personal use in New York? The Empire State is so forward-looking.

Congrats on 1.5 years of marriage. You guys are a diamond.

Anonymous said...

Mistress Mary your garden is growing quite well. When do you start harvesting? BTW, you look very studious in your glasses.
I'll send a picture of my spinach which I'm hoping to harvest in about 2 weeks for maybe a salad.