Friday, December 09, 2011

The Millennium Network

I have a great friend from the Peace Corps who works for the Clinton Foundation. She generously invited me to be her date to this year's Millennium Network fundraiser. I wasn't sure how I'd be holding up after the red-eye back from Seattle, but who passes up the opportunity to spend time downtown with a great friend and former U.S. president?

Between the free drinks, movie star, rock band, Chelsea and Bill I didn't know what to do with myself. It was quite the event and a neat chance to meet some fascinating people like the Talk to Me Guy Bill who happens to be my friend's boss. He sure had some stories to tell!

I hear the night was a success (based on the mailing list I ended up on the next day). "More than 1,000 young professionals and philanthropists coming together at Terminal 5 to support the life-changing work of the Clinton Foundation."

It was neat to learn from Clinton himself how he and the foundation have encouraged world leaders to make Commitments to Action to improve schools, agriculture, energy efficiency, health and small business development around the world. It was endearing to hear Chelsea talk so lovingly of the father she admires. He might have looked older, but he sure is busy these days.

After they finished speaking the Fray got up to perform.

You might have heard their song on the radio before:

Thank you for the invitation Jenny! You're too kind.

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