Saturday, November 26, 2011

T & P Turkey Trot 2011

Not to be outdone by the Run To Feed the Hungry or the Turkey Trail Trot, our family decided to establish the first annual T & P Turkey Trot this year. We take our Thanksgiving Day runs just about as seriously as we take eating Thanksgiving dinner - or giving thanks for that matter:

Preparing to gallop with gratitude through the streets of Woodland:

T (Tom) and P (Peg) themselves oversaw the inaugural event. Marilyn, our race commissioner, took her responsibilities seriously:
Even our race cheerleaders were enthusiastic despite the early, wet morning:

As we jogged, Nate, Lina and Dominic showed Katie, Mark and I how great it is to grow up in Woodland. From the courts where Dominic learned his jumpshot past the school where Lina practiced gymnastics, we peeked through the fense of the family's first house and came down the lane in front of Josh's house for a water break.

We returned to T & P's for quick showers, Katie's homemade apple muffins and packing. We had to get two babies, eight pumpkin pies, two pecan pies, a chocolate pudding pie and enough alcohol for 70 into the caravan to San Francisco. Thanksgiving was hosted at Goat Hill Pizza thanks to Aunt Karen and Uncle Mike this year.

We arrived just in time to catch cousin Elyse putting the finishing touches on the biggest pot of stuffing I've ever seen. Will 42 celery stalks and 15 onions make a big enough batch for the whole clan?

It did!

It was a real blessing to look around a full resturant and realize the entire crowd was family and friends:

Here are my pies in all their glory:

We enjoyed a post-dinner walk up Petrero Hill to burn off all that delicious stuffing. One of Erika's triplets, baby Declan, and I became fast friends.

Would you imagine that despite the crowd there was enough food left over for people to stock up their own refrigerators? John made out pretty well:

Our cups runneth over. Thank you for the hospitality family!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a crowd. Looks like lots of fun!
I know what your assignment is for the next Zaenger gathering!!! I'm afraid our clan is a little beyond any kind of trotting (or even much strolling) but it was nice spanning ages 16 mos to 90 y.o. and 4 over 80!! Jeff did improve on his time for the annual Columbus Turkey Trot so at least one of us got a little exercise b/f the meal. We are truly blessed. Safe travels!

Lina said...

What a fun time it was! It was so good to see you guys again. Thanks for organizing the first annual T/P trot. A tradition to continue for sure!:)

Katie said...

That was a thanksgiving to remember! I was thinking of posting.....but I sort of just want to post a link to your blog now. Is that cheating? Besides, I didn't take pictures.

Mark Bornstein said...

I want to "like" Katie's comment...guess blogging hasn't caught up with the facebook lingo:)