Monday, February 27, 2012

A Community Kitchen

I became a manager almost a year ago and I still wonder how to do it well. Projects are one thing, but managing people - that's a whole different issue. Fortunately for me I have the best staff a gal could ask for.

Traveling to Seattle is a fairly regular occurrence these days. While in town I try my best at team building, but really our activities tend to reflect my interests. After their first day in training we got tea and manicures.

This month I invited the staff to join me at Seattle Pacific University's Community Kitchen. We quickly realized that a community kitchen isn't necessarily about learning to cook, it is actually cooking. For some reason I imagined showing up to student chefs preparing and serving us tasty appetizers. Instead we rolled up our sleeves, put on our hairnets and started chopping beets and onions with the others. Just like our daily work, we weren't sure what to do when we started, but in the end we came out with some great results:

Chocolate cake made with garbanzo beans? I'll take two!

Delicious dal leftovers for lunch tomorrow? Gladly.

As it turns out community kitchens are everywhere. Bronx, you up for some neighborly cooking?

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Anonymous said...

Something tells me the Bronx community kitchen would consist more of beans and rice or maybe some yummy Italian pasta????