Monday, August 27, 2012

Late Night Cooking Class

Two lessons from New York: 

1. Learn to eat late
2. Learn to stay up even later

Dominic and I were invited to a lots-of-IPEDers-are-in-town dinner party tonight. It was the perfect opportunity to reconnect with grad-school buddies, many of whom spent the summer abroad, before our move. 

Since dinner didn't start until 8 p.m. we met up in Harlem for happy hour after work.

I was super excited about the invite because dinner was make-your-own sushi! I'd never made sushi before, but learned quickly from Pat's instruction. 

We're all pretty good at loading, not so skilled at rolling. Keeping those rolls perfectly together for cutting is 75 percent of the challenge. I learned that in order to keep the paper together you should dab a quick layer of water and vinegar along the edge. Although it took about an hour to make enough rolls for the crowd, the process made dinner worth the wait.

Good friends, good food and good learning. Now we just have to make it down to Pearl River before the move so I can get sushi equipment for our next party!

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