Friday, August 31, 2012

Pack 'er Up and Move 'er Out

We'll miss the Bronx. We'll miss the Bronx people, their Bronx noise, and bumping into them in the Bronx bodegas. 

I'll sincerely miss the Botanical Garden Farmer's Market, our favorite Mexican restaurant OK Mr. Pancho, the Oval Park, the fruit stand by the 4 train and Leroy's pharmacy.

I will not miss the grocery shopping situation in the Bronx.

We're saying goodbye to this apartment building. It served us well:

We lived in 2C (the four windows from the right on the third floor)

I remember this process... that truck looks a lot larger than our pod two years ago:

Here's what we've learned about how to be a good mover towards your friends:

1. Have your apartment packed before your helpers arrive. No one wants to pack up your stuff.
2. Have a vision for the box arrangement. No one wants to have to figure out what goes where.
3. Have a good attitude. No one wants to help a grump. It helps to cheer compliments out the window. 

Thank you Donna, Rob, Elizabeth and Juliet! We couldn't have done it without you!

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