Wednesday, January 21, 2009

After the Event: PRSA Panel Discussion

This morning I attended the Puget Sound PRSA seminar "Back to the Basics: Job hunting strategies in a tough economy" at The Seattle Times. It was a session made for me, and I was pleased to learn about the best approaches from both a tactical and an ideological approach. 

As a PRSA programing committee volunteer, I had the pleasure of welcoming the group and introducing the panelists:

Judith Cushman, president of Judith Cushman & Associates, told attendees how to crack the HR system through narrow casting, strengthening our stories and focusing on time. She was able to provide advice for seekers in the market today. 

Mark Tranter, partner of CFO Selections, told attendees to build and brand and develop a philosophy. He also reminded us that we should network by "giving to get"--or always asking others how you can help them. He was able to focus our attention on how to manage networking for future success. 

According to Mr. Tranter's handout, "61 percent of new positions are found by networking".  Communicators are a tight group. Today, as I found myself catching up with a new friend from last week's Save the News event and a different contact from October's PRSA South Sound group event, I felt great that I'm starting to have a new network here. I am glad to see that slowly but surely I'm breaking 'the freeze' and making connections in Seattle. It feels good.

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