Friday, January 16, 2009

Save the News Event

To me, the title chosen for a new initiative taking place in Seattle has two meanings: 1. It could refer to the fact that there is no such thing as bad news.  Meaning, if it exists then it is good for us. 2. It could mean that it's awful if we don't have any news.  

Agreeing with both statements, I found myself chatting with fired-up bloggers and journalists last night at Odd Fellows Cafe on Capitol Hill.  I went out of curiosity after hearing Monica Guzman speak at an IABC event on Tuesday, but stayed for the energy and enthusiasm that came from being involved at the start of something significant.  

I'm not sure what will result from the conversation last night.  Perhaps a Town Hall meeting, maybe a march to save the P-I... in any case, I'm anxious to see what happens as we watch traditional media die. 

Just as the No News is Bad News Web site says, there are details still yet to be determined.  As I learn about them, I'll share here.  

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