Saturday, January 03, 2009

Quarterly Review

I realized that yesterday was the three month anniversary of my move out to the coast.  In three short months, Seattle has given me several positive experiences.  In addition, I have gained:

An intense fear of moss
It's everywhere!

A new favorite color
This city is green!

A caffeine addiction

So many cafes I can't pick a favorite.

A disregard for traffic laws

What side of the street is this anyway?

A sense of humor

I can't imagine UW gets much use out of this enormous sundial.

More patience

When a boat's gotta go a boat's gotta go.

A strong sense of hope
The city sure seems to think I can do it!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures.


Lara Kretler said...

What a wonderful photo-blog entry. Love it!

Have you ever checked out, that's where I photo-blog on occasion. Or I just post pics to Twitter via!

Warren said...

Nice photos! I love how you already picked up the local flavor/ spirit.