Monday, November 21, 2011

Duty Calls

When I returned from my most recent trip to Seattle on November 4, I said goodbye to my co-workers, wrapped my employee's Thanksgiving presents, and called it a pretty great year. The only trip I had planned back to the West Coast was for a mighty Monley Thanksgiving in SF. As it turns out, I was very wrong.

One email last Monday and two days of flight swapping was all it took for me to turn right back around for some serious 'on-the-ground' client engagement. It couldn't have been worse timing - what with Dominic's comprehensive exams, tickets to see the Rockettes, Saturday reading program responsibilities, a new hospitality table volunteer commitment at church, and Turkey Trot planning to do. Sometimes though, duty calls.

It looks like I'll be living out of a suitcase for several weeks. Nothing like a lonely hotel room to remind you what you're thankful for and are blessed to have. Tonight, as I pull a white hair out of my head and reflect on a frustrating and exhausting week, I give thanks for my job though. I am honored for this work I've been charged to do and grateful that I can give glory to God through my interactions with others.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there.......when life gives you lemons make some lemonade :) Relax and enjoy the holiday with family...............I'm off to fix the turkey now.......