Sunday, November 06, 2011

Tip-to-Tip Time Change Fun Run

I am as stubborn as a mule. A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to run from the top of Manhattan to the bottom, but I was busy and then the weather was cold. I couldn't get the goal out of my mind though, so this morning I woke up and said: "today's the day".

I was mad at myself for not letting this unnecessary objective go. I set out on the D train, transfered to the A and transfered again to the 1 - putting myself down the whole way. I haven't done any training, what if I get an injury... I need to be on the 4 by 10 a.m. to get back in time for church at 11, what if I run too slow and am late... why not wait until spring? I got off the 1 train at 215th and was even more bitter as I realized that train goes all the way up to 242 - is that where the river cuts through? Was I going to have to run 30 blocks up just to get to my starting place?

All of a sudden I saw a bridge (the 1 train track into the Bronx)! I walked a little further and saw Spuyten Duyvil Creek and immediately a wave of inspiration came over me. I felt great, the sun was out (thank you fall back time change) and my 2011 Tip to Tip starting line was in sight.

Starting line smile:
The 1 train track above the Creek:
I began running and immediately saw Broadway. I was On Broadway for almost the entire run. Broadway is the oldest north-south (i.e. Uptown-Downtown) thoroughfare in the city. It was originally a Native American trail.

Passing by the Cloisters park:

Doesn't this train station look Soviet?

American Geographic Society:

I had so much energy - I think it was the perfect weather...

Sunday mornings are quiet in Manhattan, but people were friendly. I had two girls shout "You Go!" from their car window and one man tell me "Good morning beautiful" as I passed by. I liked pretending they were marathon fans cheering me on.

There are so many fun sculptures throughout the city:

How many people do you think live in this apartment building? What is their income?

The middle of this picture shows how close I ran to Fort Tryon Park. The water was just a few blocks away:

Barnard College - just down the street from Columbia:

I started missing the banana I forgot on the kitchen counter on my way out:

A little street art underfoot:

What can I say? It's who I am:

Our trees are starting to change:

I just kept jogging along, feeling great and thinking well La Di Da, this is a beautiful morning!

Every once in awhile I would see something that reminded me of those I love.
Although they might be ostrich statues, they looked like flamingos to me. Hi Mom!

There I was, about 6 miles in and enjoying the beauty of the Upper West side:

I do love NYC:

Around 80th Street I realized I was making great time - I was confident I would make it back in time for church:

How many people do you think live here? What is their income?

There it was! 72nd Street and my beloved Trader Joe's!

There's so many fun sculptures around these parts:

An NYPD officer getting his morning paper and coffee:

So much to see:

I couldn't help but think he was inviting me to sit (which sounded nice), but I had places to be:

Here in Columbus Circle everyone was getting ready for the ING New York City Marathon. What an event!

I was livin' the dream:

In a word, I felt divine as I entered Times Square!

Remembering Aunt Carol:

Feeling fine in front of the New Year's Eve ball:

Here it is:

With an empire state of mind I headed to Herald Square:

The Macy's holiday decorations are going up now:

I head down into Chelsea and the city gets funky again:

The buildings are a more reasonable height.
By the way, 16 Handles is the best frozen yogurt out there. I would have made a stop if it weren't so early...

This is it! The playground of the Americas:

I made a note to come back to David Burke Kitchen sometime. SOHO has some of the tastiest restaurants:

A quiet morning on Canal Street:

And on to Tribeca. I have to admit I got turned around a bit in this part of town (adding miles, and time to the overall Tip to Tip trip). I was missing the Uptown grid organization of streets:

I knew when I saw the new World Trade Center building I was on the right track (and close!):

So many people - so little space:

I had to get going. We had a church service to get to!

It's hard to get around the financial district these days - what with construction and...


The sign I read on my jog by said: "Don't be That Guy":

And then all of a sudden I looked up and saw the address of the building on my right: 61 Broadway! I started somewhere in the 5000s!

When I saw this familiar WTC wreckage memorial I knew I was only steps away:

And then there I was. The Statue of Liberty ferry building...

And that beautiful blue water!

14.04 miles. | 116 photos | 2 hours 24 Minutes

I told Freddy Harrington, a talented ukulele player originally from Trinidad and Tobago, about my island run after he asked me if I was on my way to the marathon and he serenaded me with a song about health, beautiful weather and the city.

Here's a clip of his work from YouTube:

Then he took a picture of Dominic and I:

Dominic (the best husband in the world) and I boarded the subway for home:

And we even made it in time for church!


Anonymous said...

OH you are one crazy daughter. I NEVER doubt that you will do anything you say you will:) What a fun story and loved the pictures. Now I feel I need to go ride my bike or something:)


Katie said...

Awesome you! I wish I could have been your running buddy for that! But somehow I feel like I was there...with all the pictures. Thanks for sharing! Hey...are you thinking of doing the turkey trot in SF while you guys are out here? It would be so fun together.