Sunday, November 28, 2010

Doesn't This Look A Lot Like Christmas

I am going to write an ode to my Gnausa* shopping cart. I love it. I push it everywhere. It even transported our Christmas pine home from Little Italy yesterday evening.

Life this year is much different from life last year. We're the the big city, so we get a smaller Christmas tree. To be fair, this was our "love fern" two years ago (Sarah and Dom spend within their means):

Anyway, we're thrilled with this year's Norfolk pine. We've learned a lot since 2008 and chose a plant from my new friend at the Italian market that is meant to be kept indoors. In fact, despite it's pine-like look, my friend told me that it's a tropical plant. If it is, surely it will love my climate. writes that this plant could live inside and would grow straight if I turn it every once in awhile. Wikipedia says it must be planted outdoors after the holidays. We'll see who wins... maybe I'll ask John what he thinks.

We haven't had time to decorate it yet, but I'll get another post up to spread the holiday cheer in a few days.

*Side note: gna means go in Armenian. I like to call this my Go USA cart.


Anonymous said...

Great tree. I'll need to send you some ornaments from your stash.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Lisa is impressed! A green thumb as well as a great cook??? Girl, we need to work on your skills to make your home less homely! We enjoyed your visit too!